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What is TRIZ? It’s a Russian acronym for “Theory of Inventive Problem-Solving”, a powerful problem-solving tool. The tool has been forged from studying thousands of patents and has been built specifically for problem-solving. The question is why haven’t you heard of it? The answer is straight-forward, the tool is relatively new as compared to other methods such as theory of constraints, Six Sigma, lean Sigma and others. TRIZ was invented by Genrikh Altshuller to produce a theory which defines generalizable patterns in the nature of inventive solutions.

It is an algorithmic approach towards systematic innovation. But the question is why haven’t organizations adopted it and why is it unknown to the world? Most of the methods that were invented by Japanese are pretty much known to the world and have already become a standard practice in all the organizations.

However, TRIZ is a tool which stands as an asset for any organization. Companies and organizations do not want to let their competitors know that they use these methods as the brains of their innovation. Though TRIZ has been gaining popularity in the past decade, thanks to the world’s largest users of TRIZ, Samsung Electronics, General Electric and Procter & Gamble.

One of the key concepts why TRIZ is such a powerful problem-solving tool is because it searches for answers to your problem in your domain as well as all the other domains around the world. This means that you have the world’s knowledge at your feet. Most importantly it is a reliable, repeatable and a practical method that could be applied almost anywhere including businesses, service industry as well as manufacturing industry.

The methodology of TRIZ has already solved numerous complex problems and has increase the profitability of businesses as high as 500 times along with drastic reduction in the time that takes to generate a strong effective solution.

TRIZ Association of Asia spreads the knowledge of TRIZ by conducting numerous workshops or awareness sessions that presents practical and mind-boggling case studies over different domains to demonstrate the prowess, effectiveness as well as the advantages of this tool.

 We have conducted various awareness sessions in a variety of domains and leading industries throughout the country and have received an overwhelming response.

TRIZ Association of Asia also promotes the TRIZ methodology into universities, engineering colleges to spread the knowledge and to help engineers and graduates apply TRIZ for developing practical and elegant solutions.

The evolutionary methodology for enhancing technological innovation called TRIZ is increasingly being adopted by leading corporations around the world to enhance their competitive position. The TRIZ methodology harnesses creative principles extracted from thousands of successful patented inventions to help find more innovative solutions to design problems. The tool may be used by practicing engineers, product managers, technology managers and engineering students conceptual development of novel technologies, products and manufacturing processes.

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