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TRIZ Chapter is established by TRIZ Asia and inaugurated at Annual International ‘TRIZ for X’ conference on the November 30, 2018 in Pune. Considering the fact that next-gen students must be creative problem solvers and not mere Engineers, TRIZ Chapter conducts courses in various Schools & Colleges.

As TRIZ uses a scientific problem-solving approach and not just inspiration; our courses have helped the Faculties & Students to generate patents in the shortest period. We are sure this methodology if adapted in your Institute curriculum would act as a catalyst for the students & faculties for thinking and generating solutions, for the problems.

Goals Of
TRIZ Chapter

  • To nurture the creativity potential and fostering Global Competencies of youth
  • Lifelong learning in all domains through systematic inventive problem solving approach
  • To mentor, train and build network activities for providing the professional skills for Innovation, Innovative Design, Creative Thinking, Entrepreneurship, Startups
  • Development of Curriculum and/or Value added Courses in order to imbibe strong thinking skills in youth.
  • To advance the STEM knowledge-set to fulfill the needs of all stake holders to be ready and succeed in future challenges.
Type Of TRIZ Chapter Membership
TRIZ Association of Asia is a regional representative of MATRIZ ( International TRIZ Association ) in India.
Premium (satisfying any one of the following)*
  • All First Year Students will become TC member at the time of admission every year
  • Atleast 300 members of TC
Standard (whichever is lesser among following)#
  • atleast 100 students will become members of TC.
  • 50% of total student strength in the Institute
Benefits to Student/Faculty member/Institute:
TRIZ Association of Asia is a regional representative of MATRIZ ( International TRIZ Association ) in India.
  • Association with an International professional body.
  • Certification of membership
  • Potential to increase in no. of patents
  • Global visibility through website of TRIZ Association of Asia.
  • Facilitation in Sourcing of Experts for STTP/FDP/Workshop/Seminar
  • Support for Placements and Start-ups.
  • Conduction of guided Competitions to enable TC member’s innovativeness
  • Assistance for UG/PG/PhD Projects.
  • Selected Final year TC member students will get an opportunity to work on actual projects*
  • Discount to 2 faculty TC members for Annual International Conference (50%* /25%#)
  • Conduction/Participation opportunity in TC National Conference.
  • Conduction of TRIZ Training at Institute
    • Discounts in Training Fee
  • Earning to Institute through partnership in:
    • training outside students
    • organizing open training sessions
  • Gratis (only Travel & Accommodation of TRIZ experts to be borne by the Institute)
    • Free seminars (4*/ 2#)
    • Free Hackathon (4*/ 2#)
TAAContact Details
+91 900 403 00 93
+91 797 297 09 76
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