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TRIZ for X 2020

Completely synergize resource taxing relationships via premier niche markets. Professionally cultivate one-to-one customer service with robust ideas. Dynamically innovate resource-leveling customer service for state of the art customer service.
Genrikh Saulovich Altshuller

About TRIZ for X

TRIZ for X is back. Every year we strive to bring practical methodologies to tackle the issues faced by businesses, by channelizing the innovativeness of executives with modern TRIZ. This year we bring to you the means to tackle the unforeseen issues thrown up by COVID 19. This issue has challenged most roles in a typical organization demanding change. TRIZ success owes itself to meeting this demand to respond effectively in solving the right problems with least cost possible. ​

TRIZ for X 2020 would bring to you in your study room, the experts in this field on their thoughts, on what and how to tackle the issues faced in the current business environment.

Genrikh Saulovich Altshuller

Overview of the Conference

This conference would have TRIZ Experts talking on what’s the latest thinking of TRIZ with its application to innovation. The topics would cover two broad themes critical to meet the Covid challenge, namely:

  • 1. WHAT are the challenges which need to be addressed to enhance value proposition of the organization?
  • 2. HOW should these challenges be met with least organizational Cost?

There would be sessions to get deep insight into select topics of importance to current times. The sessions would be held in an online format with contents being available on the net. The topics would be covered over multiple sessions spread over a week. ​

Genrikh Saulovich Altshuller


  • World renowned TRIZ Masters would engage you on the best ways to confront
    the new challenges.
  • Deep learning with TRIZ Masters through Masterclass on hot TRIZ topics.
  • Convenient learning from comfort of your home/office at your ease.
  • High value at affordable cost.
  • Get your problems addressed by experts.
Genrikh Saulovich Altshuller

Why to attend

Covid 19, has forced all of us to relook at our responses to environmental stimulus.
This calls for organization and individuals to develop new processes and skills. TRIZ Framework & Toolbox promises to understand and resolve issues to satisfy contradictions. Organizational processes, and individual responses need to be different. This conference would help individuals and organizations train their sights on what aspects and how to achieve this change.

Genrikh Saulovich Altshuller

Benefits & Learning

To beginners, in TRIZ this conference would serve to give a ringside introduction of the most powerful technique namely TRIZ from the world’s foremost experts.
To the practitioners, in TRIZ this conference would help consolidate and learn newer tricks of the trade to enhance your capacity as an innovator. The Masterclasses are designed to gain deep insight into tools of relevance.

The official language of the event for speakers are English.

Timings of the TRIZ for X 2020
Greenwich Time: 10:30am to 2:30pm
India Time: 4:00pm to 8:00pm
Boston Time: 6:30am to 10:30am
Moscow Time: 1:30pm to 5:50pm
Beijing Time: 6:30pm to 10:30pm
Tokyo Time: 7:30pm to 11:30pm
On November 26 & November 27, the sessions would be extended for 1hr.

Genrikh Saulovich Altshuller


The TRIZ for X 2020 participant package includes online connection to all sessions including Master Classes. We shall send the link to all the registered participants, for joining the sessions in advance.
The provision of video recordings and presentations for registered participants, would be made available. The Recorded sessions could be viewed by the participant, within 30 days, post its made available.

The total participant fee is INR 1,500 (approximately 22 USD). If payment is made in another currency, currency conversion is calculated at the rate of the bank of the payer. Third party payment gateway fees would be applicable.

Partial participation as well as partial payment is not available.
Refund would be processed, after deducting the Processing charges of 50% in case of any cancellation. Cancellations would be entertained only if intimated 7 days prior to the conference.

Genrikh Saulovich Altshuller


If you have questions about participation in TRIZ for X 2020, please, contact:

November 23, 2020
4pm to 5pm ( IST )

Topic : Why & How to become a TRIZ Expert

Speaker : Dr. Oleg Feygenson, Ph.D., TRIZ Master.

Principal Engineer,
Samsung electronics
President MATRIZ ( International TRIZ Association )

Oleg Feygenson holds a Ph.D. degree in Plasma-Technology and an M.S. degree in Electro-Technology from Saint Petersburg State Polytechnic University.
Dr. Feygenson is a certified TRIZ Master by the International TRIZ Association (MATRIZ)
Dr. Oleg Feygenson was elected as the president of International TRIZ Association in September, 2019.

Dr. Feygenson is a Principal Engineer at Manufacturing Core Technology Team, Global Technology Center of Samsung Electronics.

Prior to Samsung Electronics, Dr. Feygenson worked ​for the world’s largest TRIZ consulting company ​GEN3 Partners, Inc. As a Senior Principal and Chief Researcher at GEN3 Partners he managed dozens of successful innovation projects for world-class companies such as General Electric, Doosan Infracore, Unilever, Owens-Illinois and others.

Prior to GEN3, he was an Assistant Professor with the Department of Electro-technique and Electro-technology at Saint Petersburg State Polytechnic University, Russia. ​
He was also a Plasma Physicist at Archimedes Technology Group, Inc. San Diego, USA.
Dr. Feygenson is the author of several US and WO patents and over 20 published articles.

November 23, 2020
5pm to 6pm ( IST )

Topic : TRIZ Approach to Addressing Coronavirus Challenges

Speaker : Dr. Simon S.Litvin, PhD, TRIZ Master.

Chairman of TRIZ Master Certification Council (TMCC) of MATRIZ

Dr. Litvin is one of the founders of GEN TRIZ and is responsible for the quality of its innovation services.

He drives the ongoing development, testing and implementation of GEN TRIZ’s methodology, and supervises GEN TRIZ’s Global Knowledge Network of experts. Dr. Litvin has led dozens of innovation projects for Fortune 1000 companies worldwide including Alcoa, British American Tobacco, Chiquita, Clorox and Covidien. He is also the CEO of Algorithm, GEN TRIZ’s technical innovation center in St.
Petersburg, Russia.

Prior to joining GEN TRIZ, Dr. Litvin served as an Executive Vice President and Chief Scientist of Pragmatic Vision International (PVI). At PVI, he developed more than 100 breakthrough technologies for the company’s delivery system in Russia and Israel. Before PVI, he served as Vice President at Invention Machine Corporation where he led numerous international consulting projects for Fortune 500 companies such as P&G, Motorola and Intel.

Dr. Litvin is one of the world’s foremost experts on Open Innovation, Value Engineering, and TRIZ. He has more than 35 years of experience of developing, teaching, and implementing innovation methods.

He is the Chairman of TRIZ Master Certification Council (TMCC) of MATRIZ. He is also a member of the Altshuller Institute for TRIZ Studies, USA and European TRIZ Association (ETRIA).

Dr. Litvin is the author of over 20 patents, nearly 100 scientific and academic articles, and six books.

November 23, 2020
6pm to 7pm ( IST )

Topic : TRIZ for Business Growth

Speaker : Valeri Souchkov, TRIZ Master

Vice President of Development and Communication, MATRIZ
President of the International Business TRIZ Association
Founder ICG Training & Consulting

Valeri Souchkov heads ICG Training & Consulting, a company in the Netherlands with experience of delivering TRIZ and Systematic Innovation services to over 700 customer organizations worldwide including Fortune Global 500 companies. He also teaches TRIZ and Systematic Innovation at the University of Twente and TIAS Business School. He is Vice President and Board Member of the International TRIZ Association (MATRIZ), President of the International Business TRIZ Association (IBTA), and Editor-in-Chief of “TRIZ Review” journal.

November 23, 2020
7pm to 7:30pm ( IST )

Topic : Development of TRIZ in Kazakhstan ” Application of TRIZ in the Resource Economy”

Speaker : Aigul Dosayeva

Director GEN TRIZ Qazaqstan Ltd, TRIZ LEVEL 1
Director of a private company GEN TRIZ Qazaqstan Ltd, exclusive representative GEN TRIZ,LLC in Kazakhstan.

Financier with 20 years of experience. Worked as the head of a branch of Sberbank. She was a Regional coordinator in Tsesnabank. TRIZ 1 level Professional.

November 24, 2020
4pm to 5pm ( IST )

Topic : Integral S Curve Analysis

Speaker : Alex Lyubomirskiy, TRIZ Master

Chief Scientific Officer, GENTRIZ LLC, USA

Mr. Lyubomirskiy has about 30-year experience of in-depth research and development of the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ), Value Engineering (VE), Innovative Technology of Design (ITD), TRIZplus, and GEN TRIZ. He was a major contributor to the development of such post-TRIZ tools such as Function Analysis, Trimming, Feature Transfer, S-Curve Analysis, and Evolutionary Trends. Over the years, Mr. Lyubomirskiy has lead mentorship and facilitation programs for a number of Fortune 500 companies (e.g. General Electric, Intel, Siemens, British American Tobacco, Alcoa, POSCO, Wrigley, etc.) in countries like USA, Germany, UK, China, India, South Korea, Colombia, etc.

Since 1983, Mr. Lyubomirskiy has trained thousands of people to become innovation professionals. He is the lead instructor for seminars that grant MATRIZ Level 3 certification (the highest level achievable through learning).

Training programs, which were conducted by Mr. Lyubomirskiy, demonstrated great success. For example, in 2014 he finished large multi-company in Colombia. As the result, among 280 international patents, filed in Colombia, his trainees filed 11 patents. It means that due to his effort innovation effectiveness of entire nation was increased on 4%.

G. Altshuller, the founder of TRIZ, awarded Mr. Lyubomirskiy with his certification for TRIZ Master. He is the author of more than 20 patents and multiple publications, including the book “Trends of Engineering System Evolution”. He is also a member of TRIZ Master Certification Board, Methodological Expertise
Board, and Editorial Board of the TRIZ Journal

November 24, 2020
5pm to 6pm ( IST )

Topic : Seeing Tomorrow Today

Speaker : Victor Fey, TRIZ Master

President of The TRIZ Group, LLC
MATRIZ Vice President, Chairman of TRIZ Research and Development Council (TRDC)

Victor Fey, TRIZ Master, President of The TRIZ Group, LLC. Over the past 25 years, Victor has collected more than two decades of consulting experience serving the Global 1000. His work has ranged the gamut from teaching and consulting, to facilitating and leading cross-functional teams in delivering critical breakthrough product and technology solutions.

Only at Hyundai-Kia Motors, his consulting effort resulted in obtaining over 100 patents with an estimated ROI of $103 million. From 1997 through 2014, he was an Adjunct Professor at Wayne State University, where he taught the first graduate-level course in TRIZ in the West.

He has lectured on the subject at MIT, Stevens Institute of Technology, Chalmers University, Technion, and others.

Victor chairs the TRIZ R&D Council of the International TRIZ Association (MATRIZ) and the Certification Board of the Altshuller Institute for TRIZ Studies. His books include Effective Innovation: The Development of Winning Technologies, published by ASME Press and Innovation on Demand: New Product Development Using TRIZ, released by Cambridge University Press (translated to Korean; Chinese translation is scheduled for 2020).

November 24, 2020
6pm to 7pm ( IST )

Topic : generative inventions. increasing triz efficiency with customizable ai tools

Speaker : Dr. Val Tsourikov, founder of True Machina project, Minsk, Belarus

During his entire professional career Dr. Val Tsourikov has been focusing on automation of creativity by developing unique AI engines for different domains. As a post-doc visitor, Val studied advanced AI methods at Imperial College of Science and Technology in London. Dr. Tsourikov founded AI Laboratory at Minsk University of Informatics in 1987. In his Ph.D. thesis Val proposed unique AI system, which was able to generate novel ideas for signal detection from space.

In 1992 Val founded Invention Machine Corporation (IMC) in Boston, where he served as the CEO/CTO till 2001. Under Val’ leadership the company raised capital from Citigroup, Intel Capital, Motorola, RRE Ventures, Dassault Systems. Fortune Magazine named Val Hero of U.S. manufacturing.

November 24, 2020
7pm to 7:30pm ( IST )

Topic : Somewhere over the Covid

Speaker : Adi Kavitzky A lawyer, businessman, TRIZ enthusiastic.

Adi founded and managed one of Israel’s leading Advertising agencies, representing some of the world’s leading brands. He taught courses about Innovation at the Graduates and MBA’s programs in Israel’s leading College of Management. He has also established one of the world’s largest private libraries focusing on the topics of Strategy, Innovation and Business. All these books were sorted and coded into a private, ultra-detailed search-engine. This meticulous work has been carried out in India. During these years Adi was writing/ translating/ editing/ publishing nine books and dictionaries about TRIZ, Business Models, Marketing and more. Adi developed and registered (with others) patents in the field of locksmithing. In the last few years, he is a member of the GEN TRIZ team.

November 25, 2020
4pm to 5pm ( IST )

Topic : Innovation Logic and PatentInspiration

Speaker : Simon Dewulf CEO, AULIVE Software

Simon has a PhD in Patent Data Driven Innovation Logic from Imperial College London. He has been active in innovation since the 90s having conducted over 500 Innovation projects for patent driven companies and trained over 1500 people in the innovation logic method over the year. Simon is based in Australia where he is running an innovation center in the Australian bush mountains

November 25, 2020
5pm to 6pm ( IST )

Topic : GEN TRIZ Cause & Effect Chain Analysis CA vs Root Cause Analysis

Speaker : Dr. Oleg Abramov, TRIZ Master

Chief Technology Officer, GENTRIZ LLC, USA
Board Member, MATRIZ & Academic Secretary TMCC

Dr. Abramov holds a Ph.D. in Telecommunications, and a Master of Radio Engineering from Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University. Dr. Abramov is a TRIZ Master.

Dr. Abramov manages innovation project teams and has worked with dozens of world-class companies including Intel, Honda, Owens Illinois, Hilti and Xerox. Dr. Abramov has been instrumental to the development of GEN TRIZ’s proprietary methodology and has authored several published articles on its tools and applications.

Prior to GEN TRIZ, Dr. Abramov worked as an Associate Professor at Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University. He is the author of 27 patents

November 25, 2020
6pm to 7pm ( IST )

Topic : Principles of TRIZ-Pedagogy

Speaker : Evgenia Guin, TRIZ LEVEL 2 Professional

Lead scientist of the international association “Education for a New Era”

Evgenia Guin is a Lead scientist of the international association “Education for a New Era”, certified Level 2 TRIZ specialist. Authored and presented seminars on various aspects of TRIZ-Pedagogy for teachers and parents. Delivered over 30 seminars on creativity development in Moscow, London, Tallinn, St. Petersburg and other cities. Frequent speaker at regional and international conferences. Author and presenter of lessons based on TRIZ-pedagogy for grade school students of different ages. Founder and host of the international online project for parents “Creatime Family”

Speaker : Dr. Mark G. Barkan, TRIZ Master

Co-founder and President of the international association “Education for a new Era”
Executive Director, MATRIZ

For the past 30 years, TRIZ practitioner, instructor and developer. Co-founder and President of the international association “Education for a new Era”. Past President of the International TRIZ Association, MATRIZ. Currently serves as MATRIZ Executive Director. Adjunct Professor at the University of
Tennessee, Knoxville, teaching a course on the Creative Problem Solving. In his 50 years long carrier, he served as VP and Director of Engineering for several manufacturing companies. Conducted TRIZ training for many Fortune 500 companies. Facilitated many problem-solving sessions in various fields of technology and business.

November 25, 2020
7pm to 7:30pm ( IST )

Topic : TRIZ development in Colombia

Speaker : Juan Mejia, TRIZ LEVEL 3 Expert.
GEN TRIZ Colombia SAS, Manager, Colombia

  • Juan Mejia is Civil Engineer graduated from Universidad de los Andes, Bogota, Colombia, 1993.
  • Mr. Mejia is the General Manager of GEN TRIZ, Colombia SAS, a subsidiary of GEN TRIZ, LLC (Boston Ma), controlling the operation in Colombia and Latin America.
  • Mr. Mejia is certified Level III, TRIZ Expert by the International TRIZ Association, MATRIZ. Mr. Mejia is currently applying for Level IV MATRIZ certification.
  • Mr. Mejia was responsible for the Colciencias’ Program: Call 638-2013, in which GEN3 Partners trained and facilitated 20 Small and Medium Colombian companies which participated in this program. Through GEN3 Partners’ accompaniment, those 18 companies were able to solve 2 innovation challenges each of them with outstanding results.
  • Mr. Mejia has three Graduate Degrees, Specialist in Finance and Specialist in International Business (McGill University, Montreal, Canada) and Marketing Specialist (Universidad de los Andes, Bogota, Colombia).
  • Mr. Mejia is currently candidate for the PhD in Technological Innovation Management at Universidad de Los Andes, Bogota, Colombia.
  • He has been instructor of more than 25 Basic Workshops (32-hour duration each) nationwide for transferring the GEN TRIZ Methodology to the same number of Colombian enterprises.
  • Has delivered more than 70 facilitation sessions (2-hour duration each) for the programs of transferring the GEN TRIZ Methodology.
  • Mr. Mejia has delivered more than 14 innovation workshops:” Identified Innovation Opportunities in your Company” (8-hour duration each) for Bogota Chamber of Commerce in 2019.
  • Mr. Mejia has delivered more than 10 innovation Workshops (2-4/hour duration each) indifferent topics and duration for institutions such as SENA, Unired/Ecopetrol/ICP, Universidad Pascual Bravo, ANDI, el Club de la Innovación, etc.
  • Mr. Mejia has successfully directed about ten full blown innovation projects for companies inColombia such as, Carboquimica SAS, ServiGenerales, Sumicol, Celsia/Epsa, Tronex SA, Levapan SA,Producciones Generales SA (Progen) and Team Foods.
  • Mr. Mejia has translated into Spanish the book “Trends of Engineering System Evolution” (Lyubomirskiy, Litvin, Ikovenko, Thurnes and Adunka). Mr. has acquired great command of these trends since he has taught these topics in some of the innovation workshops mentioned above.

November 26, 2020
4pm to 5pm ( IST )

Topic : What are yóu interested in and what can we offer?

Speaker : Dr. Alexander Sokol

PhD, a teacher trainer, researcher and educational consultant.
Academic Director ,TA Group

Alexander is the academic director of TA Group and he is the principal developer of the educational technologies developed by the company.

Alexander defended the dissertation on the development of thinking skills in language education and received his doctorate in educational sciences from the University of Strasbourg, France and the University of Latvia. Prior to that, he obtained a masters degree in linguistics from the University of Latvia.

Alexander taught English for 7 years at the tertiary and 13 years at the secondary level. He started working as a teacher educator in 2001 and since then has run about 2500 hours of workshops in 23 countries. He has published 27 papers, including chapters and articles published by Routledge, Springer, Elsevier and British Council. He participated in 43 conferences in 18 countries, altogether making 60 presentations, from which 14 were keynotes ones.

Alexander coordinated 8 international projects with an overall budget of over one million euro. Three of these projects were supported by the European Union and the other five by the Nordic Council of Ministers. As a consultant, his customers included UNICEF, UNESCO, UNDP, EACEA, British Council, Islamic Development Bank, Ministry of Education of Tajikistan, National Education Academy of Kazakhstan, as well as a number of universities, colleges and schools.

Master Class

November 26, 2020
5pm to 7pm ( IST )

Topic : TRIZ for Smart Investment Decisions

Mentor : Dr. Simon S.Litvin, PhD, TRIZ Master.

Chairman of TRIZ Master Certification Council (TMCC) of MATRIZ

About the Master Class

It is a common practice for companies and venture capital funds (VC) to acquire some
companies and technologies. In many cases, they are investing in technologies at the early stages of development. Unfortunately, the success rate of such acquisitions and investment is low. Statistically, one out of 20 investments brings significant ROI (which defines a success). Of course, companies and VCs are trying to increase the success rate by executing a Due Diligence (DD) of the target technology or company. However, traditional DD does not bring accurate results due to lack of specific tools for technology evaluation.

TRIZ with its methodological tools, such as Main Parameters of Value Discovery, Trends of Engineering System Evolution, Quantum Economic Analysis, Failure Anticipation Analysis, and GEN TRIZ Benchmarking allow to significantly increase accuracy of technology due diligence. It makes evaluation of an opportunity identified by the client more reliable and presents recommendations for going forward. It helps companies and VCs avoid costly mistakes with regard to acquisitions or investments by identifying potential technology-related hurdles that could be costly or difficult to overcome

GEN TRIZ evaluates the candidate technology against the following criteria:

  • Market needs, current and emerging (using MPV analysis);
  • Estimated market size;
  • Competitive offerings, current and emerging competitive technology platforms;
  • Technology development potential (using Trends of Engineering System
  • Strength of the Intellectual Property (using Patent Circumvention technique);
  • Ownership qualification;
  • Level of technology development;
  • Potential failures of the technology (using Failure Anticipation Analysis);
  • Time and cost of required investment into R&D, IP protection, etc.
  • Export control issues such as Dual Use Technologies; regulations issues, etc.

Over the past 15 years, GEN TRIZ has helped support multiple acquisition and investment successes. In some cases we identified the opportunity; in others we evaluated an opportunity identified by the client and presented recommendations for going forward; many of these initiatives have now successfully been commercialized. In addition, we have helped clients avoid costly mistakes with regard to acquisitions or investments by identifying potential technology-related hurdles that could be costly or difficult to overcome

Our investment and/or acquisition recommendations are based on a unique and powerful
technology assessment and technology forecasting process – the client benefits with a technology due diligence based on data that no other process can collect. GEN TRIZ has access to broad and deep technology expertise and analytics that allow us to analyze a wide range of technologies. The result is (1) significantly reduced acquisition or investment risk and (2) a greater probability of achieving the desired ROI.

Benefits of attending

Participants will be introduced to scientifically based approach to Due Diligence process that will help them to make smarter investment decisions.

Key takes away and learning

  • Investment could be a reliable process with high ROI rather than game.
  • There is a systematic TRIZ-based approach to the Due Diligence process.
  • There are methodological tools that makes the Due Diligence process more instrumental
    and effective.

Master Class

November 26, 2020
7pm to 9pm ( IST )

Topic : Trends of Engineering System Evolution

Mentor : Alex Lyubomirskiy, TRIZ Master

Chief Scientific Officer, GENTRIZ LLC, USA

About the Master Class

Trends of Engineering System Evolution (TESE) are statistically proven directions of Engineering System development describing the natural transitions of Engineering Systems from one state to another.

These directions are statistically true for all categories of Engineering Systems TESE is fundamental basis of all analytical- and problem solving tools of the modern TRIZ TESE are widely used for a ling term forecast of product- and technology development as well as for solving of inventive problems


To demonstrate power and uniqueness of this TRIZ tool
To share with participants modern developments in this area pf TRIZ methodology


The most interesting sub-trends of some TESE illustrated with various examples and case studiesTakeaway: Clear understanding of some interesting, practically applicable, and instrumental recommendations from different TESE Good impression regarding modern TRIZ

November 27, 2020
4pm to 5pm ( IST )

Topic : Open Discussion with TRIZ Masters

Master Class

November 27, 2020
5pm to 7pm

Topic : Alternate Market Identification

Mentor : Dr. Oleg Abramov, TRIZ Master

Chief Technology Officer, GENTRIZ LLC, USA
Board Member, MATRIZ & Academic Secretary TMCC

About the Master Class

Entering adjacent markets is a well-recognized and effective way of expanding a business without its dramatic transformation. Therefore, the identification of adjacent markets is a very popular service from TRIZ consultants.

Modern TRIZ recommends using the Reversed Function-Oriented Search (RFOS) as a major tool for identifying adjacent markets for existing products. In practice, however, using RFOS is not always particularly straightforward, because (1) it is often necessary to find new markets / applications for technology and equipment involved in the production of a product, rather than for an existing product, and (2) the product itself may not be a separate product intended for the end user, but a component for some other product. However, RFOS is not the only useful TRIZ tool that can be used to identify new markets for existing products and technologies. Based on practical experience in TRIZ consulting, a roadmap for identifying adjacent markets have been developed, which includes the analysis of Main Parameters of Value, Voice of the Product, screening based on the Quantum-Economic Analysis (QEA-screening) and other TRIZ tools, in addition to RFOS. The roadmap is applicable for all kind of products as well as for technologies involved in their production. A few case studies will be presented to illustrate the use of the roadmap.

Benefits of attending:

  • General knowledge will be gained on systematic and reliable way of adjacent markets
    identification (AMI)
  • Applying this knowledge may help expanding your business without large capital investments and dramatic transformation of the business

Key take away & learning:

  • Main tools of modern TRIZ that are used for AMI will be described
  • The roadmap for using these tools for AMI will be presented
  • A few case studies will be described to better comprehend the AMI procedure

Master Class

November 27, 2020
7pm to 9pm ( IST )

Topic : Inventing new services in a systematic way

Speaker : Valeri Souchkov, TRIZ Master

Vice President of Development and Communication, MATRIZ
President of the International Business TRIZ Association
Founder ICG Training & Consulting

About the Master Class

Transition to knowledge and digital economies, further globalization of production and distribution of goods and services strongly increased competition on a broad scale and forced both industrial and service delivering organizations to seek new ways to differentiate and add value.

Developing innovative ways to provide service operations, marketing and sales of services, dealing with suppliers, establishing new value networks became common for both small and large organizations. One can say that today, business innovation becomes as critical as engineering innovation. Services are a large part of modern economy which experiences continuous growth. In high-income countries, services’ value added accounts for 70-75 percent of GDP.

As any other category of business, the area of business services becomes highly competitive. Creation of new services and innovative improvement of existing ones which are delivered by
business organizations becomes critical for survival. No doubt, innovation of business services becomes an area of study to understand how to perform this process more efficiently and effectively.

This master class explains how one of the TRIZ Trends of Systems Evolution can be practically applied to systematically create new services. There are no restrictions on which types of services can be invented. This TRIZ Trend is called “Transition to Supersystem” and explains how the existing services can be innovatively evolved through the use of supersystem resources. The master class will explain the theoretical background behind the TRIZ Trend of Transition to Supersystem, demonstrate examples of new services based on the trend, introduce the technique of inventing new services, and provide practice by inventing new services right in the class.

Benefits of attending:

Increasing capabilities of becoming more competitive on the market of business services.

Key takeaways:

Knowledge of the TRIZ Trend of Systems Evolution through Transition to Supersystem applied to services; the technique of inventing new services through the use of supersystem resources, ability to quickly generate ideas of new innovative services.

Genrikh Saulovich Altshuller

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